How much potential do we have?

This blog is a chronicle of experiences that activate kids' full potential. It's for parents and grand-parents, educators, or kids themselves. It's for anyone who believes we have a lot more potential as humans.

In everyday life we come across people who are "Jedi's" in one way or another. They've learned to be deeply peaceful or amazingly in touch with their bodies; they've learned how to concentrate their attention, how to stay loving and compassionate in high-stress situations, or how to connect with nature in astonishing ways. Strangely enough these skills aren't taught in school, but they are taught, very clearly, by unique people all over the world.

A central theme in my life has been to explore this untapped human potential and how it is developed. I’ve been visiting schools and educators around the world for nearly 15 years now, finding people who have found ways to access this potential, all while stumbling toward ways to access more of my own potential. Along the way I’ve founded and run a middle school with this aim. While I see myself as not only a student but very much a beginner, I realized I’ve seen enough to begin sharing. May this blog be useful to you and to the young people in your life.

Chris Balme